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Mental Healthin the workplace

Work can give us purpose and motivation in life. But for many people, work is a highly stressful environment and this means it can be a damaging place for their mental health.

About Us

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We are a group of organisational consultants, trainers and mental health professionals specialising in developing people, teams and organisations to reach their full potential. We provide a range of flexible, customised services to optimise the performance, motivation and productivity of your organisation which in turn create the conditions that promote the climate to successfully achieve your organisational goals.

We are highly experienced at working across all levels of organisations in both the commericial and non-commerical sectors, country-Wide and Internationally. The Team Our team is comprised of professionals who have forged unique skill sets, which allows us to specialise in supporting you and your organisation. We provides an elite level of support unrivalled by other organisations, based on experience, professionalism, flexibility and professional diversity.

Our team is highly trained and adept at providing you or your team the support it requires to get through Critical Incidents or just helping you to enhance your performance. Members of our team have worked in a variety of professional settings such as the Defence Forces, Community Groups and Sporting Teams, Medical Centres, Business and Resource Sectors. The wealth of experience within the team is second to none. Our Team can provide you with dynamic and versatile solutions for you and your organisation

Our Services

  • Critical Incident Response
  • Critical Incident Policy development and planning.
  • Well-being programme design and delivery.
  • Psychosocial Risk Assessment
  • Wellness Education & Training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Soft skills – Time management, Coaching, Leadership, Emotional intelligence etc.
  • Project Planning (Credit Union CPD Hours apply)
  • Online Collaboration for business
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced IT applications (MS Office)